Project Background and Achievements

Dudley and a hatchling

Dudley Perera's project has been underway since 1988.  The main aim of the project is to monitor local sea turtle activity and conserve the local nesting sites.  We aim to make the public more aware of how endangered these beautiful creatures are and just how important it is to help protect them before it is too late.

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One of the most important activities of the project is its hatchery. Within the sanctuary of the project, collected and rescued eggs can hatch safely away from predators before being released into the sea. In addition, a certain number from each hatching are kept back for a short period for 'headstarting' before release.

The hatchery program is designed to maximise the number of hatchlings reaching the sea and surviving through the critical stages of their early life.

Eggs nesting

Only a few hatchlings from each batch will ever make it to adulthood. Therefore every nest-ground, every egg, every hatchling and every turtle is crucial to the survival of the species. Unfortunately, sea turtles face many dangers.

The project's work relies on fundraising and grants. Every year, the project helps clear and maintain the local beach, protecting vital nesting-grounds (particularly important after the devastation of the Tsunami) and releases thousands of hatchlings. When you consider how long the project has been going, you can begin to understand the impact the project has!

The project is also resilient having survived the devastation of The Boxing Day tsunami of 26 December 2004.

Turtle hatchling tank